Dear World

A lot of people are doing DNA testing. If you are harboring an uncomfortable secret that DNA testing will reveal, do yourself and everyone a favor and fess up. You can’t imagine how awkward it is to be the person innocently doing their own research who uncovers your messy truth. Don’t think it’s not going to come out. It will, and probably sooner than you think. Don’t be mad at people for accidentally outing you. Trust me, they didn’t intend to do that. If you’ve got something to say, take a deep breath and say it. It will be hard. It will be [embarrassing|uncomfortable|tearful]. But guess what else? It will also be a relief. It will be good for all parties concerned, including yourself. If you love the people the secret affects, you owe it to them to speak your truth. It will be easier for them to work through the truth and forgive you if you tell them instead of some random stranger who happens to be linked to them by DNA. So go on. Make a cup of tea, sit everybody down, and start a journey together.

Love, me

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