She’s fine

Out of the blue, an acquaintance told me a story today about his companion, who recently discovered via DNA test that the man who raised her was not her father. Even with DNA results her mother continued to deny the truth until she finally broke down and admitted that she’d had an affair with her husband’s brother. This is not a person I am close enough to to have confided my story – it was just relayed in the spirit of ‘check out this bizarre and hysterical story.’ As it turned out, his companion’s biological father was the adoptive brother of the man who raised her – possibly in a similar scenario where the two brothers were half-siblings. He made some effort to explain but it seemed he wasn’t clear on the details himself and anyway by then my stomach was in a knot. I asked him if she had anyone she could talk to about it, and described the Facebook LDA group as something available to her should she be interested. He said, ‘No, that’s ok, she’s fine with it.’ Maybe she is.

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