First Meeting

After a month of phone calls Mom and I decided to meet in person. About mid-November I had suggested a certain hotel not far from her, when she was ready. It looked like a special place we would both enjoy, so when we decided to break through that next barrier she agreed that would be a good place to do it.

We were both understandably nervous and excited. We both brought boxes of photos, mementos, and stuff to share with one another. I got there a little bit before her so I was able to make sure everything was just the way I wanted it. And then suddenly there she was. I knew her immediately – she looked just like her pictures. We hugged, such a good long hug, and then we sat down and started talking and showing and staring at each other – sometimes overtly, sometimes surreptitiously. She is smaller than me – both thinner and shorter. The thinner I was expecting but I’m not sure why I thought she would be about my height.

We talked for almost 5 hours, then decided to go have a meal. When we got back from that we hung out in her room talking and showing more until we were both exhausted. We had a few more hours in the morning, and then we had to part.

It’s strange to me how it was a momentous occasion, but also felt completely natural. I felt entirely comfortable with her, and I think she felt the same. We are astonishingly similar creatures, but that too feels completely logical and natural. Neither of us cried. We just really enjoyed each other’s company. I feel relieved in a way that this first meeting is behind us.