The Call

November 4. The day after the DNA results came in. Early afternoon. My cell phone rings. Caller ID registers – it is her. My mother. My mother is calling me. I can barely breathe. For a fraction of a second I consider letting her leave me a voicemail, then dismiss that as utterly unthinkable. She is calling me, and I am aching to hear her voice. I answer. I know it is her but I do not say so, I just say ‘Hello’. I can hear her nervousness before she even speaks. She gives her name, hesitantly. I say again, hello… and berate myself: damn it, I should have thought out what I was going to say to her. I stammer probably incoherently, no idea what actually came out of my mouth, then I say ‘I’m so happy you called me.’ My throat is full and my eyes fill with tears, not for the first time and not for the last, and I wish that I had thought to pop in my headset so I didn’t have to be holding this clunky brick to my face. We both take deep breaths that are palpable to each other and so it begins.

We talk for almost two hours, not nearly enough time but enough for the first time.

It is November 4. Less than a month since the day I discovered. I am incredibly lucky.

3 thoughts on “The Call”

  1. I have two half brothers on Mom’s side. My father doesn’t seem to have had any children, and he never married.

    Thanks so much, I’m just so joyful I can hardly stand it sometimes! I feel like such a tremendous weight has been lifted, and feeling so fortunate to have the opportunity to form relationships with her and the rest of my kin… in time, of course. How did your reunion go? I’ve been thinking about you!

  2. The reunion went great thanks for asking! It was one big party. A little overwhelming but things settled down during the weekend. My mother is a great person who had a very hard life. I’m hoping we can build a relationship together. One brother and sister are great and we are already planning our next get together. My other sister is not ready yet to have a relationship with me which is fine. She can take all the time she needs. Apparently she is guarded with everyone not just me. I haven’t said anything to my a-mom yet. I feel I should and it doesn’t seem fair to my bio family that I keep them a secret but I know this news will hurt my a-mom. So I’m still figuring out what to do. Congratulations again! I’m happy things worked out for you! I know once I found out my story I felt a lot better. I still have my low days but not as many now.

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